Search Agents are the engine that powers GovSurf:   Signing up for a free account, without a subscription, lets you search.   A subscription gives you ability to save your searches and, more importantly, to save your results!

Our competitors limit the number of automated agents that your account is allowed to set up.   They’ll charge you more if you go over the limit.   With GovSurf, you get unlimited search agents included in your low monthly fee,

One of the best things about our search agents is that they search lots of different types of data.  This capability gives you the power to span several different data collections with a single search.   A single agent will handle anything from Beta.Sam solicitations to USA Spending records or federal legislation.

You want to monitor your competitors on a particular contract?   Well, that’s no problem with GovSurf.   Set up an agent to monitor their profile or monitor their contracts and get a notice whenever there are any contract actions!

You are getting ready to bid on a contract and you need to find out as much as possible about the customer?   Use your search agent to get that research and store it in your workspace.   GovSurf will help you be ready to bid when the solicitation is released!

At the moment, GovSurf is free to search but that won’t last forever.  In the meantime, see our special offer.

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