Customize your search screen in the newest version of GovSurf:     The search capabilities in GovSurf are built to be powerful with few limitations.    You have the ability to search all of our records simultaneously.     The Team at GovSurf listened to our Early Adopters and we understand that every user is different.   The same information is used for different purposes by different users and some collections are used more regularly than others.

Customize and Simplify

So, at the request of our users,  GovSurf has added the ability to customize your search.    Choose to see what you use routinely,  simplify your search and get more done.
Simply drag and drop the collections that you want to see the most.

You can toggle back to all the information collections whenever you want.

We’ve also added the ability to associate your profile with your company’s SAM record as well as a popular new night-mode.

Try it yourself with a no-risk 7 Day trial.   Find out more.

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Customize Search Screen

Default Search Screen with all Collections

Default Search Screen

Customize and simplify to suit your needs

Customized Search