Introducing GovSurf’s pipeline solution.  One of the most frustrating things about being a government contractor is tracking opportunities.  Don’t spend any more money on another subscription.    GovSurf Workspaces functions as business development pipeline that is customizable to fit your needs.   You can read more about Workspace features and what they can do for you in this post.

Here is something you won’t find anywhere else:  You can have multiple pipelines and it is all included in the regular subscription fee so there won’t be any upsell later!

You’ll get to choose how many columns that you want in each Workspace and rename each column to whatever works for you.   Since GovSurf  Workspaces can function as pipeline solution, there is no need to use separate spreadsheets to track all your potential opportunities and bid/no-bid decisions.

Also, GovSurf Workspaces eliminate the need to do data entry with a third-party pipeline product or pay for a separate subscription.    GovSurf includes a pipeline solution in your monthly fees!

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