GovSurf turns government data into something you can act on, right now, to find new business.  When you bid on a government contract you want to know everything about it.    Every day, the US Government publishes an ocean of information, GovSurf transforms that data into an Ocean of Opportunity.

Everyone has seen solicitations that look perfect for their company but they don’t know the client, the history of the program, or any of the key players.   You need answers!

The idea for GovSurf started in 2012. It was born out of frustration over finding the answers to questions surrounding contracts that we wanted to pursue.    You want to do as much research as possible before deciding to spend all that time and money writing, recruiting, and putting together the proposal.  You want to know about the incumbent, the contract spending history, anything and everything about the customer.

Competitive proposals require a lot of information

  • Valuable information includes the customer’s mission,  the incumbent contractor’s performance, key personnel, historical spending on the same work, the customer pain-points, etc.

The government publishes dozens of relevant data sources

  • Federal agencies publish a wealth of information that can help bidders gain critical insight.

The government has enacted a myriad of open data laws to improve transparency.

  • A tsunami of even more information is on the horizon
  • The OPEN Government Data Act, signed in January 2019, is a sweeping mandate for federal agencies to publish all of their information using standardized formats.

Yet, companies have difficulty winning the best opportunities because:

  • It is nearly impossible to stay on top of all the opportunities released by the government.
  • Most companies can’t afford full-time business development professionals.
  • They lack the tools or resources to access, collect, and analyze relevant information.
  • Many data sets are too large, complex and technically inaccessible.
  • Available information is fragmented, disorganized, and out-of-date.
  • There are no associative links between different data sets.
  • They simply don’t know where to look for the right data.
  • The information they need is just too expensive  from existing competitors.

GovSurf® was designed by a team with decades of GovCon experience to satisfy the needs of both large and small companies.    GovSurf solves many of these common business intelligence challenges.

US Government acquisition data in real-time – Eliminates the need to visit multiple websites for solicitations,  incumbent data, spending records, government customer information, news, regulations and more.

Its easy-to-use.  Information is stored in curated libraries, enabling relevant information to be searched quickly and easily  –  all in one place.

Features that government contractors need in one product:

  • Drag and drop pipeline
  • Immediate Alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 monitoring of federal sources
  • Access to massive data collections
  • Priced reasonably so an individual can subscribe

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